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HospitalTotal BedsBeds Available
Queens Hostel-01 , 95345587995446
PHC Asarganj 0606
CHC Dharhara5050


Sadar Hospital, MungerDr. Sudhir Kumar 9470003456
Sadar Hospital, Munger Tousif Hasnain9931289694
Sub Divisional Hospital Tarapur Dr. B.N. Singh 9470003464
Sub Divisional Hospital Tarapur Manish Praney9939048480
PHC Tarapur Dr. B.N. Singh 9470003464
PHC Tarapur Vandana 9661532622
PHC Sadar Block Dr. Sushil Kr. Jha 9470003457
PHC Sadar Block Ravi Kumar 9473441505
PHC JamalpurDr. Balram Prasad 9470003458
PHC JamalpurRajesh Kr. Singh 8825212713
CHC DharharaDR. Mahendra Kumar 9470003459
CHC DharharaSatyendra Kumar 8409948982
PHC BariyarpurDr. Anil Kumar 9470003461
PHC BariyarpurMd. Afaq9801112480
CHC H.KharagpurDr. L.B. Gupta 9470003460
CHC H.KharagpurUmesh Kumar 8789301665
PHC Tetiya-bamberDr. Niranjan Kumar 9470003462
PHC Tetiya-bamberNazneen 8340478736
CHC SangrampurDr. Upendra Kr. Singh9470003465
CHC SangrampurRahul Patel 9934777006
PHC AsarganjDr. Lalan Kumar 9470003463
PHC AsarganjVishwaranjan Sinha7783890290


Medicine Availability


Name & AddressContact NoAvailable
Sashatt Foundation+919304904669 / Whatsapp - 7280000008, 7992499646Available

An Initiative led by YmedyZonal Stories & SABAL

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Ambulance Contact

Hanuman Ambulance (All Over Bihar)

Jan sewa (All Over Bihar)

Panchmukhi Ambulance (Patna)

Lifeline Ambulance (Patna)

Emergency Ambulance service (Patna)

Singh Ambulance (Patna)

Patna Ambulance (Patna)

Asha Ambulance (Patna)

Medilift Ambulance (Patna)


Dr. Satyam Kumar

Dr Vijay Kumar Yadav

Dr. Abhinav Anand

Dr. Nitesh Kumar

Dr. Vipin Kumar



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